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...by the end of 2014 consumers will view APPS 4:1 over websites?
...mobile APPS are a main component in branding your business?

I love what we do here at Xtreme APPability because we have the priviledge to see struggling businesses begin to grown when they fully embrace the mobile revolution happening around them....
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Details of Wedding Photo Camera
  • NO more promises to share your photos...they are INSTANTLY on your friends phone!
  • EASILY share with friends via your gallery, instagram, facebook, more!
  • USE in lieu of those one time use cameras placed on each table at your wedding!
  • USE at all bridal showers!
  • USE at the wedding party dinner!
  • USE at the bachler party!
  • INCLUDE relatives & friends who cannot attend the event!
  • MORE. . . . .
ONE Camera for
ALL Wedding Events!
CREATE Photo Event
  • Create a new event each time you want to record something new
  • Choose a date and time frame for the event
  • Choose a name for each event for easy sorting
  • Choose who to invite to each event
  • An event join coide is automatically created when saved for others to join
ACTIVE Photo Events
  • Easily access the camera function for an event that is currently active
  • Every image taken is instantly shared with everyone who has joined the event
  • Every image can be shared indiviually or as a group via your phones photo gallery
  • Let friends and relatives see what is happening even though they are not taking any pictures
JOIN Photo Events
  • JOIN codes are email to each person invited so they can access the event when it is in progress
  • ONLY those who join an event will have access to the images
  • The join code can be used for those who did not receive an invitation and you want them to participate
  • You can retrict who joins any event
ARCHIVED Photo Events
  • Have all your photo events in one location for easy access and review
  • Every event is saved on our cloud server and will sync if you replace your phone
  • All events are password protected and available only to those who participated in the event
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